Thanksgiving Day Meal Remains a Good Value

  Every year, the American Farm Bureau Federation surveys the cost of a traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner. This year the cost of the overall meal is up slightly, but  turkey prices are down. US turkey production has been down slightly

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Immigration Reform3

Farm Groups React to Obama Speech on Immigration

Most farm groups feel the President’s action, outlined in a speech Thursday evening, will do little to address the crisis in agriculture that exists from lack of action on immigration. Many hold out hope that Congress will deal with the


ISDA Announces Clean Water Indiana Grant Recipients

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) and the State Soil Conservation Board (SSCB) have awarded $1,020,900 in Clean Water Indiana (CWI) Grants to 35 Indiana Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) across the state. The goals of the projects

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Wintry Conditions and the Impact on Harvest

The early arrival of what appears to be bitter winter weather has been unfortunate for growers trying to wrap up their harvest. Sam Ambrose, Technical Agronomist for Channel Seed, says things may be looking up for productivity into next week.

Rep Mike Conaway

Conaway Will Lead House Ag Committee

Representative Mike Conaway of Texas will lead the House Agriculture committee in the 114th Congress. The House Republican Steering Committee announced this week Conaway, of Texas, will take the spot of current chair Frank Lucas of Oklahoma. Conaway represents the Permian

immigration reform

Obama to Announce Immigration Reform

Executive orders are coming Thursday evening on Immigration reform by President Obama. The president will announce the orders, according to the White House, Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. eastern. United Farm Workers president Arturo Rodriguez said it’s likely that some


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Market Watch

Sunday Outlook

Weekend Developments ·         US grain markets will have a normal trading schedule this Wednesday ahead of Thanksgiving. Markets will not trade Thursday night and will re-open Friday at 8:30am CST with an early 12:00pm Friday close. ·         The price of


Jim Riley Market Review for 11/21/2014

Agriculture today is not what it was a decade ago and the futures market that is at the heart of the world farm economy has changed dramatically in just the past few years. Electronic trading and speculative funds have rendered

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Keystone Pipeline Route

Senate Keystone XL Bill Fails

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corn Harvest

Ten Things Consumers Should Know About Harvest

food fear

Fear Drives Organic Marketing Success

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immigration reform

Obama to Announce Immigration Reform

Chris Hurt-14 Tour

Livestock Industry will have Strong Rebound