No Bull Market for 2015

The futures market was the topic of the HAT seminar at the Indiana/Illinois Farm Show on Thursday. Presenters Jim Riley, Tom Fritz, and Mike Silver were in agreement that corn and soybean markets in 2015 will not look anything like

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Lower Crop Prices Make Grain Marketing More Important

 Growers wanting to brush up on their grain marketing skills or those who want to learn how to improve their farm operation’s profitability can participate in a series of online grain marketing courses taught by experts from Ohio State University’s College


USDA Releases Resources for Risk Management

USDA’ s Risk Management Agency announced program details in regards to relief for farmers affected by severe weather, including drought. Information made available includes eligible crops, crop years, and counties where producers are eligible to exclude certain yields under the

Spencer Carson - Seed Consultants

Planning for 2015 Requires a Sharpened Pencil

  Making decisions for growers in 2015 could look a little different than it has in  recent years. With the fall in commodity prices, pencils will sharpen and accuracy will be key. Spencer Carson with Seed Consultants says now especially,

Jim Mintert Indy Farm Show

Farm Show Seminar Gets Farmers to Meat of Farm Bill

Dr. Jim Mintert helped cut through the clutter of the new farm bill during the Wednesday Hoosier Ag Today seminar at the Indiana-Illinois Farm Equipment Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The director of Purdue’s Center for Commercial Agriculture has

Obama 2

NCGA Urges President to Sign Tax Extenders Bill

  The National Corn Growers Association today asked President Barack Obama to sign the tax extenders bill passed by the Senate Tuesday, but also urged broader tax reform in 2015.   “HR 5771 is an important but temporary first step


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Closing Comments

Closing Comments Corn USDA’s daily export reporting system today showed more business to Japan and Mexico; two markets to which we have a freight advantage. Japan bought another 5.3 million bushels of current-year U.S. corn, while Mexico bought another 4.0


Jim Riley Market Review for 12/19/2014

Agriculture today is not what it was a decade ago and the futures market that is at the heart of the world farm economy has changed dramatically in just the past few years. Electronic trading and speculative funds have rendered

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Congress Should Do More to Insure Investment Stability in the Renewable Sector

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Santa Frustrated with Dietary Guiltiness This Christmas


How To Win the GMO Debate

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Obama 2

NCGA Urges President to Sign Tax Extenders Bill

Chris Hurt

Minding the Margins in 2015