Indiana Pork Donates Product to Gleaners Food Bank

Indiana Pork donated 7,500 pounds of ground pork to Gleaners Food Bank in Indiana yesterday. Sarah Ford, Director of Checkoff Programs, says this promotion has been a great partnership with the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. “We held a promotion

Why I Farm - Jack Frost from Becks Hybrids on Vimeo.

Why I Farm - Jack Frost

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Corn Moisture Still High

  Many growers have faced a tough choice this harvest. If they leave their corn in the field to dry, they run the risk of lodging due to disease that has weakened stalks, but if they harvest while the moisture

Trick or truth

Trick or Truth from EPA

The American Farm Bureau Federation has released a legal analysis, “Trick or Truth? What EPA and the Corps of Engineers Are Not Saying About Their Waters of the U.S. Proposal.” The seven-page paper shows how a recent Environmental Protection Agency


Purdue Forestry Farm to Bear Lugar Name

- Former Sen. Richard Lugar will visit Purdue University on Nov. 11 to speak at a ceremony in which Purdue’s will be renamed the Richard G. Lugar Forestry Farm.  The renamed farm will stand as recognition of Lugar’s longstanding commitment


National FFA Convention Kicks off in Louisville

  The National FFA Convention kicked off in Louisville yesterday and Indiana state officers hit the ground running with meetings. Sentinel, Derek Berkshire, says the bulk of their conversations were all about the future of FFA. “It’s been extremely good.

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Corn Ear Molds & Grain Storage

Alex Johnson, CCATeam Sales Agronomist Beck’s Hybrids Although ear molds like Giberella and Diplodia infect theear at or near pollination, now is the point in the seasonwhen we see the mold start to show up as we walk fieldsand husk


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Market Watch

Closing Comments

Closing Comments Corn Exporters sold 23.0 million bushels of corn in the week ending October 23, including 19.3 million bushels of current-year production. The current-year sales were down from 40.6 million bushels sold the previous week. Marketing year sales total


Jim Riley Market Review for 10/30/2014

Agriculture today is not what it was a decade ago and the futures market that is at the heart of the world farm economy has changed dramatically in just the past few years. Electronic trading and speculative funds have rendered

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