Acreage Updates Will Be Included in Upcoming Crop Production Report


harvested field 2The November 8th Crop Production report will include information originally scheduled for release in October. According to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service – the November report will include potential updated planted and harvested acreage for dry edible beans, canola, corn, sorghum, soybeans and sunflower; revised peanut and sunflower acreage, yield and production for 2012; and indicated 2013-14 production forecasts for citrus fruits as of November 1st. As usual – the upcoming report will include indicated area harvested, yield and production forecasts as of November 1st for corn for grain, cotton, rice, sorghum for grain, soybeans for beans, peanuts for nuts, sugarbeets and sugarcane for sugar and seed; indicated cottonseed production; planted acres, indicated area harvested, yield and production forecasts of fall potatoes; indicated area planted harvested, yield and production forecasts for dry edible peas, Austrian winter peas and lentils; percent of 2013 fall potatoes planted by variety; and indicated U.S. production of rice by class. The November Crop Production report will also include objective survey data for selected states which include, corn plant population, number of ears, row width distribution and percent of samples processed in the lab; soybean row width distribution, number of pods with beans per 18 square feet and percent of samples processed in the lab; cotton cumulative large boll counts; and number of samples and average number of hills per acre for fall potatoes.

Forecasts originally scheduled for October that will not be included in November’s report include harvested area, yield and production forecasts for hay and tobacco, as well as yield and production forecasts for canola, dry edible beans, and sunflowers. Estimates for these crops will be included in the 2013 Annual Crop Production report scheduled for release in January.

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