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American Farm Bureau asks for National Day of Prayer for Drought Victims

This Thursday, Aug. 23, the American Farm Bureau Federation is asking Americans to remember the many individuals and families facing severe struggles due to this year’s devastating drought. Suggestions for a national day of prayer for drought victims have come from a number of people throughout farm country as a way to support people facing challenges related to the ongoing drought.


“There is hardly a person involved in agriculture this year who has not been adversely affected by the drought of 2012,” said AFBF President Bob Stallman. “And while many farm and ranch families are feeling the effects immediately due to withered crops, parched pastures, higher feed costs or even wildfires, the lingering effects of this drought will be felt all across our nation for many months to come.”


“This is especially welcome in Indiana as we are at the epicenter of this drought,” said Indiana Farm Bureau President Don Villwock. “Everyone’s thoughts and prayers for drought relief would be much appreciated by our farmers and their families as they manage through these stressful times.”



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