Brodbeck Seed Holds Annual Field Day with Record Turnout


Rod King talks about Indiana corn crop

Agronomist Dan Ritter talks about Brodbeck root study

Jim Engelberth talks about Brodbeck Seed tradition

Brodbeck Seed Agronomist, Rod King, talks with farmers at their annual field day in Wabash, IN
Brodbeck Seed Agronomist, Rod King, talks with farmers at their annual field day in Wabash, IN

Farmers are keeping busy this month with field days taking place all over the state. Recently, Brodbeck Seed played host to farmers at their facility in Wabash where agronomist Rod King still has apprehension about the quality of this year’s crop in northern Indiana due mainly to the heavy rains of earlier this spring.

“When that happens, we lose a lot of the root hairs due to the soil saturation. It takes time for water to get off, root hairs to regenerate, etc. So I think in some of our fields, we had an effective two weeks or more of a poorly functioning root system and I think that took the top end off in some places.”

King added that a week of hot pollination may have hurt some hybrids. He also said that the solar radiation since pollination may not have been as good as he would have liked.

“We’ve had a number of days of cloudy weather or partially cloudy weather. I think what we did pollinate at some point – I don’t know how the plant does it – but it says to itself ‘I can’t carry all of those kernels that I pollinated.’ So we see some kernel abortion of tip pullback.”

After a few dry weeks, King specifically the corn in northern Indiana could stand to use another good rain.

“The crop is fairly well made but we are going to determine a lot about kernel size and test weight. If we don’t get some rain, we have some areas we’re going to abort some kernels on the tips of ears.”

During Brodbeck Seed’s field day, there was much talk about finishing the job. King says there is still enormous potential for a successful Indiana harvest.

“I think harvest will be a lot of fun this year. I think there’s going to be a lot of bushels to harvest. I do think we will harvest some corn early and wet. I think guys need to have their dryers going, but the weather next month could change a lot of that. I’m not going to call this the best crop ever, but I think it’s going to contend as one of the better crops ever.”

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