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Gasoline Prices Influence Ethanol Market Direction

Ethanol supplies are becoming much more manageable at the end of the year. This has lessened concern about gaining access to needed gallons and sparked aggressive price pressure in all ethanol markets. Ethanol futures prices have fallen 64 cents per gallon

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2014 Energy Legislation in Review

As 2015 kicks off the (CNEE) has released an . During 2014, the report found that 430 advanced energy bills became law. While the total number of enacted bills decreased from 713 in 2013, CNEE found that percentages of energy legislation by

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Oversight Committee to Examine President’s Energy, Environment Policies

A new House oversight subcommittee will take a look into the Obama administrations energy and environmental policies. The Washington Post reports future chair of the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, announced that

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US Ethanol Production Sets Records as 2014 Ends

The U.S. ethanol industry is closing out 2014 with a bang, as the ethanol industry has set weekly production records in four of the last five weeks. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported another week of record-breaking production at 992,000

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Christmas Trees to Power More than Spirit of Holidays

Now that Christmas is done, it’s that time of year to think about what to do with that natural tree that brightened your holiday. Once you’ve decided that your tree needs to vacate your living room, it can still live

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Oil Prices Fall Again

 Crude-oil futures fell Friday, erasing earlier gains, and pushing down prices for the week for the fifth straight time.Traders on Friday speculated that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t move to cut production until oil prices fell to $40 a barrel. One is


NCGA Ethanol Committee Reviews Progress, Explores Opportunities

The Ethanol Committee of the National Corn Growers Association met in St. Louis recently to review current programs and initiatives related to domestically produced biofuels, get updates from ethanol industry experts and discuss strategy aimed at continued growth for corn-based


Leifmark, New Holland Bale Stover for Ethanol

Baling corn stover is part of the next generation of cellulosic ethanol, and two major players in the green fuel and agribusiness markets are moving that process forward.  and  recently teamed up to test equipment and methods used to gather, bale, and


China Lifting Ban on MIR 162

Following the announcement that China has approved Syngenta’s MIR 162 trait, Growth Energy expects the dried distillers grain market to reopen. China had denied some cargoes of U.S. corn and DDG’s because testing showed they contained the trait which at


Congress Should Do More to Insure Investment Stability in the Renewable Sector

The Senate Tuesday night finally approved a package of tax credit extensions, including many aimed at benefiting renewable energy, and has sent the measure to President Obama, who is expected to sign it into law. But the 25x’25 Alliance has


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Sunday Outlook

Weekend Developments ·         Alexis Tsipras’s Syriza defeated the ruling party in elections today, according to exit polls, which could raise fears of instability in Europe. The Syriza party reportedly wants to challenge the austerity program currently in place, demanding aid


Jim Riley Market Review for 1/23/2015

Agriculture today is not what it was a decade ago and the futures market that is at the heart of the world farm economy has changed dramatically in just the past few years. Electronic trading and speculative funds have rendered