Record Corn Crop Enhances Farmers’ Ability to Feed and Fuel

Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its September World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) report. The report shows that the U.S. is on track to produce an even larger record corn crop than previously expected. The

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Ag Wants Equal Footing for E15

Ethanol and Ag groups charge EPA is not giving E-15 equal footing in the fuel market with E-10 and should correct the disparity right away. Farm and biofuel groups say E-15 is not granted the same 1-pount per square inch


RFA Calls on EPA Leader to Address Regulations Hindering E15

A letter sent to the Environmental Protection Agency from the Renewable Fuels Association calls for immediate action on the volatility regulations that hinder the sale and expansion of E15. In the letter to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy, RFA President Bob

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Rail Congestion Needs Resolved

Renewable Fuels Association CEO Bob Dinneen told a Senate Committee this week the current rail congestion has become a huge and costly problem. Dinneen submitted written testimony to the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, which held a

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Iowa Cellulosic Stakeholders Make RFS Case in Letter to President

Tuesday a number of companies with stakes in Iowa’s cellulosic revolution sent a letter to President Obama to make the case that his administration’s approach to the RFS is very likely to drive investment to China and Brazil. Among the companies taking

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RFA Releases Report to Debunk Food v Fuel

The  (RFA) has released a new report today in an effort to “debunk” what they call the “fictional” food versus fuel debate. The report finds that while corn prices have dropped dramatically over the past two years, retail food prices of key foods including eggs,

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USDA Loan Funds Turning Waste into Renewable Jet Fuel

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Thursday a loan guarantee to help a company turn waste into a renewable jet fuel.  The $105 million loan guarantee provided through the Bio-refinery Assistance Program will help Fulcrum Sierra Biofuels to build a bio-refinery.


New Facility to Produce Cellulosic Ethanol from Abundant Biomass

Following the grand opening of Project LIBERTY, a cutting edge ethanol plant and joint venture between American based POET LLC and Netherlands based DSM, which will produce up to 25 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol a year from corn crop

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Protec Expands Availability of E15 to 28 Stations

In response to Protec’s announcement today of a multi-phase introduction of E15 to metropolitan areas in the South and Southeast, Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, issued the following statement: “Protec is offering consumers a choice and savings at the pump

Shale Oil and Gas Development Presentation Set for Farm Science Review

The number of horizontal oil and gas wells in Ohio’s shale is growing exponentially, and residents often have concerns about potential environmental impacts. But people often worry about just one aspect – the potential for groundwater contamination, said Joe Bonnell,


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Market Watch

Midday Update

Midday Update ·         Export sales for the week ending September 25 totaled 27.0 million bushels of corn, 6.0 million bushels of grain sorghum, 32.7 million bushels of soybeans and 27.2 million bushels of wheat. ·         USDA’s daily export reporting system


Jim Riley Market Review for 10/1/2014

Agriculture today is not what it was a decade ago and the futures market that is at the heart of the world farm economy has changed dramatically in just the past few years. Electronic trading and speculative funds have rendered