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Advanced Biofuels Focus of Senate Ag Committee Hearing

Senate Ag Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow hosted a hearing on the economic benefits of advanced biofuels Tuesday and said advanced, non-food based biofuels are critical to growing the U.S. economy, creating jobs and lowering prices at the pump for American

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Oil-Induced Rail Chaos Driving Up Gas Prices

The railroad industry is America is struggling to keep up with demand and according the Bob Dinneen, president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), this is negatively affecting deliveries of ethanol and biofuel co-products. In a letter to Ed

Senator Chuck Grassley

Senate Finance Committee Approves Wind Energy, Biodiesel Tax Provisions

The Senate Finance Committee approved the wind energy and biodiesel provisions as part of a tax extenders package Thursday. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says renewable energy supports thousands of jobs and generates billions of dollars in investment across the country.


ASA Pleased with Senate Finance Committee’s Tax Extenders Proposed Package

The Senate Finance Committee released its proposed tax extenders package Tuesday – which includes a two-year extension of the dollar-per-gallon biodiesel tax incentive and a reinstatement of the pre-2014 expensing amounts for farm infrastructure and equipment under Section 179. American


American Ethanol to Plant Trees and put Green in Spring

During the month of April, the National Corn Growers Association will join NASCAR® in kicking off its second year of the NASCAR Race to Green Campaign. The campaign is intended to highlight the environmental accomplishments of green programs put in


EPA’s McCarthy Stands Up for Proposed Biofuel Target Cuts

According to Reuters – Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy told the House Appropriations Committee U.S. energy markets can’t absorb the levels of biofuels required by law to be blended into the fuel supply this year. After proposing cuts in

American Ethanol-NASCAR

American Ethanol and NASCAR Green Promote Environmentally Friendly Biofuels

American Ethanol announced last week that they are again partnering with NASCAR® for the NASCAR Race to Green™ initiative. The goal of NASCAR Race to Green is to highlight the accomplishments of green programs that NASCAR and a wide range

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 In announcing his intention to allow SEA 340 to become law without his signature, Governor Pence issued the following statement: “Low-cost energy is an essential element of Indiana’s economic development and prosperity. The simple fact is that higher energy costs will

Ethan Fagen

Ethanol’s Littlest Lobbyist

Wearing a tie and sporting a “Don’t Mess with the RFS” button, 10-year-old Ethan Fagen was the youngest of the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) Biofuels Beltway marchers this week on Capitol Hill. Ethan came along with his grandfather, Ron Fagen of ,


Biodiesel Tax Credit Impacts for Blenders, Producers

f the biodiesel tax credit is extended, it could change the way producers and blenders value the incentive. weighs how renewal of the federal $1-a-gallon biodiesel blenders credit could be changed to provide more incentives for producers. If there is a


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April 22nd Closing Comment With Arlan Suderman

  Corn that 6% of the nation’s corn had been planted as of April 20, up from 3% the previous week, but down from the five-year average for the week of 14%. Five percent of Illinois was planted, while 2%


Jim Riley Market Review for 4/22/2014

Agriculture today is not what it was a decade ago and the futures market that is at the heart of the world farm economy has changed dramatically in just the past few years. Electronic trading and speculative funds have rendered