High Density Corn a Success in 2014


High Density Corn Planting in 2015


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DSCF5868The year of 2014 was good for corn yields and the same held true for high-density corn planters in Indiana. Bill Kessinger with Stine Seed says each year, new lessons are learned when it comes to narrowing the rows in their fields.

“We’ve seen a lot of different things with it. I mean, one thing that we noticed and most growers noticed is that we didn’t get the heat we get in most years. We’ve seen some different things out of it; different environments, different situations, so we really learned a lot. Very happy with the results we had and continuing to move forward.”

Kessinger says the cold weather did impact fields with high population corn.

“Basically you’ve got a plant that is a smaller type plant to handle that type of environment whereas the bigger type of plant that can’t handle that type of environment had a really good year because of the way that they transpire moisture and the way they work. They take a smaller type of a plant and it had a great year; but this was the year for big, tall hybrids not small, short hybrids.”

For farmers still looking to plant high-density corn acres in 2015, Stine’s Seed supply looks good.IMG_0091 (1)

“We have plenty of corn seed out there. As far as soybeans go, I think our soybeans are going to be about like everyone else in the industry. Soybeans are going to be big. We’ve seen a lot of 22-2,400 seeds per pound which is quite a bit bigger than normal.”

Kessinger says the jury is still out on whether farmers will plant more soybean acres this year.

“It is a discussion that you need to have with soybeans growers of how they’re going to be planting because most guys are used to planting 2,800 to 2,500 seeds per pound so by going up an extra 5,000 seeds per pound you may have to change disks, you might have belt meters that need to be changed, so that way you’re prepared come spring.”

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