Indiana Dairy Industry Weighs in on Farm Bill


LuAnn Troxel talks dairy industry, Farm Bill



LuAnn TroxelLast week, the Indiana Dairy Producers hosted their Partners in Success luncheon at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  While many vital industry topics were discussed, there was really no mention of a Farm Bill. HAT caught up with Indiana Dairy Producers President, LuAnn Troxel. She told HAT that for now, not having a Farm Bill has been okay.

“When we’re losing money, right now, that’s where the Dairy Income Loss Program would have stepped in and we’re not in that kind of position at the moment. So, no, at this moment in time the dairy industry is okay without a Farm Bill. That said, that’s not a long-term answer. This needs to get solved. Something needs to be put in place.”

Should no Farm Bill come about by the end of the year, price supports will go back to that of the 1940s; however, Troxel doesn’t believe that should be a concern.

“I think they’re going to fix it before then. I think sometimes that’s been used as a scare mongering tactic to get something rolling.”

What is a concern and being watched closely regarding the Farm Bill in the dairy industry is a component on supply management. Troxel said the Indiana Dairy Producers took a poll this summer and many farmers were strongly against the measure.

“When that was voted on in the house, the Goodlatte/Scott Amendment,  it was passed by a very strong margin. What we are seeing now is when the house has chosen their committee conferees for the Farm Bill, those people look like they may be interested in passing it. So we are watching that part closely.”

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