Indiana Pork Donates $10,000 to Feeding Indiana’s Hungry


Indiana PorkOctober is Pork Month, and in celebration of this Indiana Pork donated $10,000 to Feeding Indiana’s Hungry toward the Million Meals Program. The donation is equivalent to providing 32,000 two-pound ground pork meals to Hoosiers. Launched in summer 2009, the Million Meals Program was started by Indiana Pork with the ambitious goal of providing one million ground pork meals to those in need through Feeding Indiana’s Hungry – the statewide association of food banks. The million meal milestone was met in October 2011 and to date, more than 300,000 pounds of ground pork have been donated through the program.  “We are so thankful to Indiana’s pork farmers for their generosity. Protein is difficult for struggling families to afford, and the ground pork fulfills an important dietary component,” said Emily Weikert Bryant, executive director of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry.


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The first coordinated effort of its kind in Indiana, the Million Meals Program is a partnership between pork farmers, industry partners and the general public.


Donations are being accepted to the Million Meals Program. To learn more, visit 


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