Wells Fargo Indiana Weather Forecast 3/5/2015

INDIANA WEATHER OUTLOOK: One last day of cold air today and then things take a dramatic turn for the better. We are waking up to snows left from yesterday’s system passing by along the OH River. Snows made it a little farther north in southern Indiana thanks to the track of the low, but in general, the heavy snows were along the River and down into KY. Today, the cold arctic air that began pushing in yesterday and turned rains to snow will sit solidly over the region. Look for temps to be a good 20-25 degrees below normal over most of the state. Tomorrow, winds turn south around the backside of the arctic high as it moves off to the east. This will allow for warmer air to start to move in. With the amount of snow across the state, we expect this warmer air to produce decent fog

Soil Moisture: 0.463

Evaporation: 0.01

Dry Index: Poor

The cumulative heating degree days: 1

The cumulative growing degree days: 3078

Livestock Saftey Index:

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