Wells Fargo Indiana Weather Forecast 12/19/2014

A storm system I’ve been watching and talking about this week is now focusing further south of Indiana.  This path will leave most of Indiana dry this weekend, with a slight chance of snow near the Ohio River on Saturday.  This system is also moving along very quickly, so any snow that does develop will be light.

Another winter storm will come in next week that is stronger and should affect the entire state.  It should start off as rain late Monday night and into Tuesday, then change over to light snow Tuesday night and Christmas Eve.  The low will tighten east of the Great Lakes, keeping snow over the region on Christmas Day along with very gusty winds.  Lake-effect snowfall could be significant near South Bend and could create travel problems.  Active weather will continue into Friday and Saturday as another low brings in light rain and snow.

Soil Moisture: 0.343

Evaporation: 0.02

Dry Index: Poor

The cumulative heating degree days: 19

The cumulative growing degree days: 3078

Livestock Saftey Index:

Weather Map