Ohio Livestock Care Standard Board Has Tight Rope to Walk
NAFB News Service

  Leah Dorman, director of food programs for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, says the state's Livestock Care Standard Board has a very difficult job. They have to weigh what is best for Ohio when they begin to make what she calls revolutionary changes to the state's livestock care standards. She warns they can have unintended consequences. The 13-member board has the job of establishing a uniform set of standards for the care and well-being of livestock. But as it does it must keep in balance the needs of the animals and the needs of the humans who farm them.

Some animal rights organizations apply political pressure on regulators to consider only the comfort and welfare of farm livestock and poultry. But it is equally important for farms to be economical and efficient. Dorman warns, - when you talk about changing production methods or housing, no one wants to think about how that is going to affect the farmers. As you increase the regulations on a farmer, there will be some folks who will go out of business because they can't afford it or they don't want to deal with it.

According to Dorman, the bottom line is - when we get down to it, where would we be without agriculture? She says the answer is: naked and hungry.

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