Fairs Invited to Be Green Ribbon Fairs

This summer, your local fair could be considered a Green Ribbon Fair by the United Soybean Board and the Soybean Checkoff. The Green Ribbon Fairs reimbursement program is aimed at encouraging fairs across the country to promote and use soy-based products year-round, as well as during fairs. Geno Lowe, a soybean farmer from Hebron, Maryland, and USB farmer-director, says – what’s great about the Green Ribbon Fairs program is we can reach both rural and urban audiences.

Soy-based products that could be used include paints, insulation, ink, biodiesel, hand sanitizers, cleaning and maintenance products, dust suppressants and more. The United Soybean Board and the soybean checkoff want more fairgoers to see the wide variety of soy-based products put to good use this year.

Here are the basics of this annual program. Town, county, state and regional fairs compete to be reimbursed for using and promoting soy-based products on their fairgrounds. Applications for the Green Ribbon Fairs reimbursement program will be accepted until Monday, February 6. Participants in the 2012 program will be notified in mid-March. Interested fairs can contact the United Soybean Board for more information.

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