Experts Backing Biodiesel Adoption

Experts from the United States and Canada are calling for increased usage of biodiesel in North America, saying the sustainable transportation fuel protects the continent’s energy security and augments the food supply of the entire world, while providing a positive impact on climate change. Central to the discussion is biodiesel’s ability to alleviate dependence on foreign oil, a dependence that threatens national security and is subject to the uncertainty produced by the world’s most politically unstable regions.

According to Robert Zubrin, PhD., the United States’ foreign policy is largely driven by a thirst for oil in countries that are considered unfriendly to American interests. He says, today – we are 60 percent dependent on imported oil and spend more on imported oil than we spend on national defense. He calls is a – disaster waiting to happen.

Scientists, academics and economic analysts gathered in Orlando, Florida for the National Biodiesel Conference and Expo. Others noted that a lack of an effective energy policy also weakens the nation’s economic recovery, calling for increased usage of renewable fuels that provide an important alternative to petroleum and support tens of thousands of domestic jobs.


Source: NAFB News Service

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