MF Global Settlement Near

The New York Times reports that thousands of MF Global customers have now received offers to sell their claims and recoup nearly the entire shortfall of an estimated 1.6-billion dollars. The money vanished following the collapse of the brokerage. Barclays, the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Seaport Group, a little-known firm that specializes in distressed assets, are all scrambling to buy MF Global customer claims.


On Monday, Barclays Capital, the investment banking unit of the London-based bank, agreed to purchase most claims for 90 percent of face value. RBS has said it will pay 91 percent for the claims of institutions, but not individuals. At the same time, Seaport is hoping to top both offers and add an additional sweetener: 200-thousand dollars to help fund the group of customers responsible for negotiating the offers.



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