Renewable Fuels Industry Counters Oil Industry E15 Attack

An analysis of the EPA’s decision to allow blends of 15-percent ethanol in gasoline commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute reportedly shows that an estimated half of all gas station equipment is not compatible with the renewable fuel. That’s according to API Downstream Group Director Bob Greco – who says that results in serious safety and environmental problems for consumers. But American Coalition for Ethanol Senior Vice President Ron Lamberty says most pump and tank equipment has been tested using at least 15-percent ethanol for decades. He cites Underwriters Laboratories listings for petroleum equipment that require they pass dozens of tests using fuel that contains 15-percen ethanol. Lamberty says his biggest infrastructure problem with E15 isn’t the compatibility of tanks and lines – but that the API-member oil company that supplies his Sioux Falls station won’t let him sell it.

While Greco claims the EPA has failed to adequately answer the many challenges surrounding E15 – Lamberty notes the agency spent three years testing E15 before approving the fuel for public sale. In fact – the Renewable Fuels Association says E15 is the most exhaustively tested fuel approved by EPA. The group says federal testing was done over more than six-million miles – the equivalent of taking 12 round trips to the moon.

Source: NAFB News Service

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