Indiana Corn Marketing Council Awards Flex Fuel Pump Grants

From Indianapolis to Evansville and from Plainfield to Terre Haute, Hoosiers have more options when it comes to using ethanol blends in their flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) with the opening of nine new flex fuel pumps at Thorntons stations across the state.

The new flex fuel pumps at Thorntons are currently in operation in five Indiana counties. The pumps offer consumers the choice of using two different levels of ethanol-blended fuel at the pump: E85 or E30. Flex-fuel vehicles can use up to an 85 percent (E85) blend of ethanol to gasoline in their tanks.

Thorntons is one of seven companies to participate in the new program launched by the Indiana Corn Marketing Council (ICMC) last year that awards cost-share dollars to fuel retailers in Indiana looking to install flex fuel pumps. Currently, the Flex Fuel Pump Program – funded by corn checkoff dollars – has awarded grants for 21 stations to install flex fuel pumps across the state.

“Hoosier corn farmers believe consumers should have choices at the gas pump when filling up their vehicles, and we are excited to be partnering with Thorntons to bring mid-level ethanol blends to drivers across our state at nine different stations,” said Mike Shuter, ICMC president and farmer from Frankton, Ind. “The Flex Fuel Pump Program is designed to improve the access to ethanol-blended fuels for Hoosier drivers across the state so they can take advantage of the potential cost benefits of ethanol while using an environmentally-friendly, renewable American-made fuel.”

The new pumps are currently in operation at the following Thorntons locations:

  • Edinburgh at 12001 N. US 31
  • Evansville at 6300 Morgan Avenue
  • Evansville at 114 Rosenberger Avenue
  • Evansville at 500 North Burkhardt Road
  • Indianapolis at 5310 West 10th Street
  • Indianapolis at 10901 Pendleton Pike
  • Indianapolis at 7425 East Washington Street
  • Plainfield at 2115 Hartford Avenue
  • Terre Haute at 665 S. State Road 46

“We are very excited about the expansion of flex-fuel in our Indiana stores, and adding another fuel option for our customers,” said Matt Thornton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Thorntons. “We support the use of ethanol, wherever it is economically available.”

The Flex Fuel Pump Program offers fuel retailers grants up to 50 percent or $20,000 (whichever is less) toward the purchase of a flex fuel pump, hardware and storage tank or the conversion of an existing pump to a flex fuel pump. The program is open to both new and existing stations in Indiana. ICMC is currently accepting applications for the program.

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For more information on the Flex Fuel Pump Program, call 317-644-0980 or e-mail

The Indiana Corn Marketing Council was established by the Indiana General Assembly to promote the interest of corn growers in the state and manage corn checkoff funds. The Council is composed of 17 voting producer directors and seven appointed industry, and government representatives. For more information, visit

Founded by Kentucky native James H. Thornton in 1971, Thorntons Inc. is one of the leading independent gasoline and convenience chain retailers in the U.S., currently operating throughout the Midwest under the brand name Thorntons.  With over $2.3 billion in revenue, Thorntons is the largest privately held corporation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Thorntons operates 166 gasoline and convenience stores, car washes and travel plazas in five states:  Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee.  Thorntons distributes its petroleum products through its wholly owned Thornton Transportation Company and operates a river bulk storage terminal in Louisville.  For more information visit and follow us on Facebook at  and Twitter at

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