Knee High Corn on Memorial Day

John and Judy Hussey

There is one spot in particular where Hoosier farmers are feeling very fortunate about their crops right now. Two central Indiana farmers, one in Howard County and the other in Tipton County, confirm their corn is progressing very well.

Dennis Maple near Kokomo says he had knee-high Memorial Day corn.

“We’re as far along in maturity of the crop as we’ve been in recent years, especially last year when we were so late,” he told HAT. “Stands are good but of course we’re dry. The beans are good. It’s a little bit spotty what we planted late because it’s so dry, but the early beans are good.”

Just south of there John Hussey says both his corn and soybeans look very good.

“They got started off very good. They had very nice weather even through March, and the entire month of April we had one freeze that did considerable damage to the early crops, but everything now looks very good. We’ve just not had a back set to amount to anything.”

It is very dry in their fields and they did receive rains this week. Maple hopes for more. Hussey says be careful what you wish for.[audio:|titles=Maple-Hussey central update]

“I’ve seen things change in a matter of hours. I’m telling my age a little bit there, but I’ve seen 9 inches of rain in 3 days a few years ago, and in Tipton County boy that’s the last thing we need. So a nice shower is always welcome but I won’t wish for too much.”

Hear more from Hussey in the HAT Field Update at the Agronomy page, sponsored by Advanced Ag Solutions.

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