RFS Battle to Continue

Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen says we need to put the renewable fuels debate – back into perspective. Speaking at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop, Dinneen noted he is confident that ethanol could stand up to the scrutiny provided that oil and other fuels were given equal and honest examination as well. Dinneen says – if you are going to do a ‘seed-to-wheels’ analysis of ethanol, that is fair enough. And – how about the war-to-wheels analysis of oil?  But Dinneen is confident the RFS program will not come unraveled this year or even next year. The battle will be strung out in the courts. Still, he says, – it’s really important for the industry to know that the wolves are at the door.


Dinneen made two points, first, we must obliterate whatever intellectual justification might still exist for corn-based ethanol among policy elites. And second, we must demonstrate to policy makers at the state and federal level that there is a political price to allowing ethanol policy to drive up the cost of food.


Source: NAFB News Service

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