Northwest Indiana Corn and Beans get Nice Start

Even with some parts of his farm getting a little too much rain in the last month, and other parts getting too dry, Mark Kingma in northwest Indiana isn’t complaining. In a HAT Field Update the Jasper County farmer says crops are progressing nicely.

“We’ve had kind of just enough rain and we just finished up our side dressing this morning and we’re finishing up this round of spraying our corn this morning also. So things are going along pretty nicely.”

A lot of corn on his farm approaching knee-high definitely puts the crop ahead of schedule this year.

“We’re probably at least two weeks if not more ahead of last year. Last year actually some fields were just finished getting planted at this time, and the beans are coming along. We’re not ready to spray our in-crop spraying of Roundup yet. We let them get a little bit bigger, a little closer to being canopied before we spray, but it’s coming along good.”

There is weed pressure around Indiana but Kingma and others near him have been able to control the weeds. They’ve had an assist on that from ideal weather to kill weeds.

“With it getting warm so early the weeds started growing ahead of time, so some guys had to make two passes with burndown to have a clean field to start with. But overall they’re keeping up with things. I know other areas were having issues with it being a little bit too dry to spray, but we’ve had some decent rains right here.”

All in all Kingma has no complaints about his crops, but he did tell us an inch of rain right now would be very welcome. Hear more in the HAT Field Update at the Agronomy page, sponsored by Advanced Ag Solutions.[audio:|titles=Kingma crops look good]

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