Drought-Stressed Corn for Silage Considerations

With farmers across the country battling an abnormally dry growing season, DuPont Pioneer continues to share and develop resources to help farmers find the best solution for their farm to manage their drought-stressed crop.

Below you will find links to several valuable resources about silage. If you have further questions or would like to set-up interviews, please contact Jerry Harrington.

Pioneer Drought Management Guide

Information to help farmers determine daily water requirements by crop, how heat and drought impact pollination, common pests that thrive in drought-stressed environments, and much more.

Nutritional Insights – Management of Drought-Stressed Corn Silage
Bill Mahanna, Ph.D., Bill Curran, Ph.D. and Bill Seglar, DVM
DuPont Pioneer Nutritional Sciences and Sales Support

Overview of moisture stress on corn plants, including effects on quality and yield potential at varying stages of development. The article also contains management tips for harvesting corn silage and controlling nitrate levels in forages.

Nutritional Insights – Evaluating Needs and Pricing Drought-Stressed Standing Corn for Silage
Leo Brown
DuPont Pioneer Livestock Information Manager

Important factors for farmers to consider when harvesting corn silage, including crop insurance, negotiation, and contracts. The article also provides an overview of nutritional value of drought-stressed corn.

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