Animal Ag Alliance Works to Preserve Consumer Choice

When it comes to food – consumers have a choice – but the Animal Agriculture Alliance says that choice is coming under attack from groups using campaigns to instill food safety fears in consumers. The Alliance believes it is important for the farmer’s perspective to be told – which is why it joined 15 other ag organizations in a letter to Congress responding to a recent Consumers Union report claiming food animals receive 80-percent of antibiotics used in the United States. The groups say the campaign – which is supported by anti-meat organizations – is meant to limit and eliminate meat. The Alliance has formed its first Issue Management Committee to address the many emerging issues. AAA President and CEO Kay Smith says supporting consumer choice doesn’t mean that one size fits all – but that being inclusive of all types and sizes of farmers and scientifically valid production methods. Smith says she is confident that American farmers can produce products to fit every need – safely and affordably – if people would let them.


Source: NAFB News Service

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