So Far So Good on Animal Health at State Fair

Several Indiana county fairs have experienced problems with animal disease issues, specifically in the swine barns. As a result, the Indiana Board of Animal Health has instituted precautionary measures for swine coming to the Indiana State Fair. All hogs being brought to the fair must have their temperature taken before they are unloaded. Animals with temperatures above 105 degrees will not be allowed to unload and will be turned away. As of Thursday afternoon, Fair spokesman Andy Klotz told HAT there had not been any problems, “So far, all the animals that have been checked in have been cleared, and there have been no problems.” He said they will continue to monitor the situation.


He also said visitors to the swine barn were also being asked to use common sense and to take advantage of the hand washing stations placed in several locations in and around the barn. With temperatures expected to reach near 100 degrees this weekend, precautions are also being taken to keep animals cool at the Fair.

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