Bittersweet Ham Breakfast Kicks off State Fair

The Indiana State Fair is full of traditions, and one of the most popular is the Pork Producers’ Ham breakfast which kicks off opening day. This year’s event was bittersweet for pork producers and for some of their guests. This was be the last ham breakfast the Governor Mitch Daniels and Lt Governor  Becky Skillman will attend in their current roles. Skillman became emotional during her remarks, remembering all the memories she has of previous early morning breakfasts on opening day of the Fair. While Skillman’s future plans are unannounced, she vowed that she would return to the State Fair and the Pork Producers’ event. Governor Daniels, who pledged at the beginning of his term to double Indiana pork production, is pleased with the growth that has occurred in the past 8 years, “Pork has been an incredible part of the growth we have seen in our state’s agriculture.”  He added that, because of the strong support his administration has given to the pork industry, more Hoosiers understand the role Indiana agriculture plays in the Hoosier economy.


Daniels says, looking back, he is proud of his ag policy record, “There are always things you wish you had done, but I feel most in agriculture are pleased with what we have accomplished.” Most of those in attendance must be pleased as well since both Daniels and Skillman got standing ovations from the farmers in attendance. The next Governor and Lt. Governor were also in attendance at the breakfast.  Republican candidate for Governor Mike Pence and Democrat John Gregg along with their running mates also participated in the traditional beginning to the Fair.


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