A Special Gift for Skillman

The Indiana State Fair has been full of special moments for Lt. Governor and Secretary of Agriculture Becky Skillman. One that touched Skillman especially was the presentation of a special gift from the employees of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture. At the end of the AgriVision award program during Farmer’s Day at the fair, ISDA director Joe Kelsay called Skillman back to the podium for a special presentation. The gift was from the employees of ISDA who had all donated funds to purchase a custom carving. The piece called “Queen of Corn” was presented to Skillman in appreciation for her support and leadership in the agricultural industry.

As Kelsay handed her the gift, the audience, which filled the upper room of the Normandy Barn, broke into applause and gave Skillman and standing ovation.
off guard and obviously touched by the gesture, the normally calm and composed Skillman broke into tears.  S

he said working with the agriculture community over the past 8 years has not seemed like work because, “It never seems like work when you are doing what you love.”


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