New Study Shows Importance of Infrastructure Investments

A recent study funded by the United Soybean Board and soy checkoff’s Global Opportunities program proves the deterioration of U.S. highways, bridges, rails, locks and dams continues to threaten U.S. soybean farmers’ competitive advantage in the global marketplace. The study – titled Farm to Market – A Soybean’s Journey – shows how soybeans and other ag products move from the farm to customers and the weaknesses of the system.


Improvements to the transportation infrastructure would make movement of U.S. soy and other ag products more efficient – saving U.S. soybean and grain industries nearly 145.9-million dollars a year. USB Director Dale Profit says the entire transportation network has been vital to the U.S. soy industry and it must be protected for the U.S. to remain the preferred soy source around the world.


Source: NAFB News Service

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