State Officials Discuss Drought Help for Farmers

The Interim Study Committee on Agriculture heard testimony from the Indiana State Egg Board, the Indiana State Board of Health, Indiana Farm Bureau and the Indiana Department of Health this week to discuss the impact of the drought as well as possible ways to help farmers.State Rep. Don

Lehe (R-Brookston), Vice-Chairman of the committee, had the following to say about the meeting: “This was the first committee meeting discussing these issues, and a lot of progress was made. Hearing the reports from the different boards and organizations will allow the committee to find the best possible solutions to help struggling farmers.”


The committee heard about local food production and how a grower’s guild would benefit the community by connecting local farmers and local businesses. The committee also heard about food and safety regulations concerning the selling of eggs at farmer’s markets and the necessary labels needed to do so. “It is incredibly important for our families’ health and safety to examine these food issues,” said Rep. Lehe.  “The public testimony and discussions deliberated on during the study committee serves as an invaluable asset for when recommendations are made to the General Assembly.”

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