DEKALB 100th Anniversary Bike Finds Home

DEKALB’s 100th Anniversary Bike made its debut at last year’s Farm Progress Show – and this year’s show completes the bike’s year-long tour. The bike was designed with farmers in mine – according to DEKALB Brand Lead Jason Hoag – and the bike’s new owner Rick Brandt says that’s his favorite aspect of the bike – that it captures the independent spirit of the American farmer. The bike was bid on by many farmers through an online auction – and American farmers raise a total of 250-thousand dollars – all of which was donated to the American Red Cross.


When disasters strike – American Red Cross Greater Iowa Regional Chapter Executive Officer Leslie Schaffer says the Red Cross mobilizes volunteers and supplies into affected areas to support disaster victims and responders. She says the support of DEKALB and American farmers helps the Red Cross heal communities and assist families in getting back on their feet.


Source: NAFB News Service

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