Indiana Farm Bureau Backs a Move to Central Time

Emotions run high during debate over time

If you want to start an argument in Indiana, just mention class basketball or time zones. At the recent Indiana Farm Bureau policy meeting, time was the issue that sparked heated debate. It was literally the last issue on the state agenda, but it provoked over 10 minutes of spirited — often  emotional — debate: a proposal to support moving all of Indiana back to Central time.  There was plenty of debate on both sides of the issue. “We need to focus on the Midwest not the east coast,” protested one delegate.  Another got boos and cat calls when he said, “Can we get over this and get on to something important?”


Most of the arguments were the same as has been voiced before.  One delegate took a practical approach, “We currently have 12 counties on central time and 80 on eastern time. Doesn’t it make more sense to have only 12 counties change time rather than 80?”  Schoolchildren having to go to school in the dark was brought up, and the influence of the Chicago futures exchanges was mentioned.  A voice vote was too close to call, so a standing vote was taken. In the end, the delegates voted to support moving Indiana to Central time.


While such a  move is unlikely, the debate showed there is plenty of support in the farming community for a move to Central time.  After the vote, IFB president Don Villwock reminded delegates each county has the ability to make a change on which time zone they want to use, “Let me remind you this is a federal issue and each county can choose what time zone to be in; so I suggest you go home and lobby your county council.”  And so the debate over time in Indiana ticks on.


[audio:|titles=Time Zone Debate]


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