Plenish Doing Well in Indiana

This year was the first that Indiana soybean growers participated in the Plenish™  project with Pioneer and ADM.  The program has been expanded for 2013. Plenish is a high oleic soybean oil that is taking the food industry by storm. As a result, the number of acres that will be contracted for production will increase in 2013. Dave Tegeder, Sr. Marketing Manager with the Plenish™  project, told HAT that despite the drought they are very pleased with the soybean production in Indiana this year, “Indiana soybean growers have really stepped up and worked with us and ADM on this new platform.”  He said, despite the drought and reduced yields, they will have enough soybeans to meet their needs.  The soybeans are processed at the ADM plant in Clinton County, thus most of the acres are in the west central part of the state. Contracted acre goals for 2013 will be increased, according to Pioneer.


Tegeder says the oil produced is healthier and works extremely well in the food processing industry, “Processors really like it because it has a longer fry life and actually makes the food taste better.” In commercial trials, processors have reported many other benefits that make Plenish™ very desirable to use in production. Plenish™ high oleic soybean oil has 0g trans fat, less saturated fat, and the highest amount of heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fat available in soy.


Tegeder said Plenish™  acres will be up in 2013 and are likely to increase even more in the years to come, “We are waiting for EU approval and hope to ramp up for full production in 2014.” He expects Indiana contracted acreage to jump significantly in the 2014 growing season. He added that Indiana has been a great state to work in because of the support they have received from the Indiana Soybean Alliance.


Read more about Plenish™   here.

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