Farmers Urged to Call from the Combine

On Tuesday in Illinois, Gary Niemeyer, president  of the National Corn Growers Association was in his combine harvesting corn. But he was also calling Washington, and he urged his fellow corn farmers to do the same, “It is going to take all of us working together to get this done.” He called on US farmers to pick up their cell phones and call from the combine to Washington, “Call your Congressman and tell them we want action on a 5 year Farm Bill now.”  He said farmers should call the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to speak with their Congressman, “Tell them we do not want an extension but action on a new Farm Bill now.”


Niemeyer said funds for farm programs will be drastically cut if Congress waits until after the election to pass a Farm Bill.  The Indiana Soybean Alliance is also calling on its members to call Washington, “This is the last week for votes in the House of Representatives before the bill expires! The new farm bill is vital as it provides more certainty to farmers across the country as they make plans for next year’s crop.”


Rep. Pete Viscloskey (1st District) – 202-225-2461
Rep. Joe Donnelly (2nd District) – 202-225-3915
Rep. Marlin Stuzman (3rd District) – 202-225-4436
Rep. Todd Rokita (4th District) – 202-225-5037
Rep. Dan Burton (5th District) – 202-225-2276
Rep. Mike Pence (6th District) – 202-225-3021
Rep. Andre Carson (7th District) – 202-225-4011
Rep. Larry Buschon (8th District) – 202-225-4636
Rep. Todd Young (9th District) – 202-225-5315

Don’t know which Congressman is yours? Find out by going to:


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