Grains Council Releases 2012-2013 Corn Harvest Quality Report

The U.S. Grain Council’s Corn Harvest Quality Report for 2012-2013 shows the overall quality of the 2012 U.S. corn crop is high. Despite the drought – this year’s crop showed a year-over-year improvement in average text weight, protein levels and lower moisture and BCFM than the 2011 crop. Samples of corn were gathered from 12 states that total 99-percent of U.S. corn exports. USGC Director of Global Strategies Erick Erickson says the data shows the average test weight for this year’s crop was 58.8-pounds per bushel and moisture was 15.3-percent. This is the second year for this report – and USGC producers it so global importers have access to reliable and comparable data each year. Erickson says the availability of accurate information is in the long-term best interest of U.S. farmers, exporters and international buyers – since the global market is increasingly competitive. To see the full report – go

Source: NAFB News Service

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