U.S. Representative Looking to Mandate GMO Labeling Nationwide

Even with the defeat of Proposition 37 in November – it was clear the effort to label foods containing genetically modified organisms would continue. Since that time there have been various efforts to pass labeling legislation at the state level. Now Colorado Representative Jared Polis is bringing the issue to the national stage with the introduction of federal legislation to mandate the labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms in all 50 states. Polis says he is proud to lead the GMO labeling bill. He says it is all about consumer choice and information. According to Polis – it’s important to empower people with information they need to make their own healthy choices. He adds people have the right to make consumer decisions based on accurate transparency in labeling.

Quickly updating where things stand with different state efforts – a Maryland House Committee will hold a public hearing on a bill setting disclosure and labeling requirements for GMO foods on Tuesday. Similar legislation in the Iowa Senate hasn’t gone anywhere. In the New Mexico Legislature – a GMO labeling bill was tabled fairly early in the current session – and initiative 522 in Washington State is still moving. That will go to the voters this fall is lawmakers don’t act first.


Source: NAFB news service

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