Last Minute Tips To Get Equipment Ready to Plant

Last Minute Tips To Get Equipment Ready to Plant

With most planters still parked around Indiana, it is a chance for a few last minute checks before the weather breaks.  While you are waiting for that long delayed planting window to open, replacing the oil in your machinery is something to consider. According to Andrew Hamilton with CHS, “If the oil in the equipment was not changed after fall harvest, I would recommend they get that oil out of the equipment now and get some new oil into the engine and the transmission’s hydraulic system.”  He said this will help protect the equipment and insure that seals, gaskets, and other key parts are well taken care of.


He told HAT that, not only checking your oil and hydraulic fluids, also grabbing the grease gun would be a good idea, “This is something that is often overlooked.”  Hamilton says sometimes growers will grab whatever brand of grease is on sale with very little thought but this may lead to problems, “Sometimes farmers to not take enough time to understand the components of a grease to get the right product to work in their equipment.”  According to Hamilton, mixing different types of grease on the same equipment is not a good idea, “Because when two products are put together and have different thickeners, those compounds may begin to interact with each other and breakdown the lubrication of the grease.”  For specifications and preventative maintenance recommendations, refer to your equipment’s operating manual.


A little extra prevention now may prevent a breakdown during what is going to be a short planting window this spring.

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