Former Conservation Chiefs Agree with Principles of Crop Insurance Compromise

Former conservation chiefs have sent a letter that follows the same principles of the compromise reached by several conservation, environmental, crop insurance and agricultural organizations to link conservation compliance and crop insurance premium assistance. The letter does not – however – endorse the agreement reached by the groups. As you take steps to modernize our farm safety net – the former conservation chiefs wrote – we urge you to make sure that compliance provisions cover all income support, including eligibility for crop and revenue insurance premium subsidies. The letter also expresses hope Congress will provide incentives to lower the cost of crop insurance to producers who use USDA-approved conservation practices. But to ensure the widest participation possible – they believe crop insurance should continue to be available to all producers regardless of income. The former conservation chiefs say doing so will benefit farmers, the environment and all Americans going forward.

Bruce Knight is among those who signed the letter to endorse a link between conservation compliance and subsidized crop insurance. He says the letter was coordinated by the Soil and Water Conservation Society.


Source: NAFB News Service

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