Hoosier Farmers Prepare for First FieldScripts Harvest

FieldScriptsMore than 150 farmers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota trialed FieldScripts through Monsanto’s Ground Breakers program in 2013. These farmers are reporting a successful first season with the simplicity and precision FieldScripts provided during planting. FieldScripts integrates Monsanto’s understanding of seed performance with data farmers provide about their individual fields to identify the best corn seed products and provide a variable rate planting prescription for each field. Illinois farmer Ryan Roberts believes FieldScripts is going to be one of the most powerful things that has happened to the industry. He says they’ve been able to compare data, find the right varieties and their sweet spots in terms of seeding rate for their fields. Roberts says FieldScripts could provide the biggest yield jump he’s ever had. Monsanto says 2013 harvest is a great opportunity for interested farmers to capture harvest and other information needed to purchase FieldScripts for 2014 in the four launch states.


Farmer data – combined with many layers of information from Monsanto about corn hybrid performance – is used to develop individualized hybrid match recommendations and a variable rate seeding prescription for each field. Monsanto says farmers who purchase FieldScripts this year can look forward to a simpler, more efficient variable rate planting experience.

More information on FieldScripts is available at www dot fieldscripts dot com (www.fieldscripts.com).

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