RFA Calls on AAA to Put Consumers First

Triple-A has called for the Environmental Prteoction Agency to lower 2014 blending requirements – claiming higher level ethanol blends will hurt consumers. Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen criticized AAA – noting that E15 is the most tested fuel additive in EPA history. Further – Dinneen points out that the National Renewable Energy Laboratory recently reviewed over 40 studies on E15 – concluding no evidence of E25 damage on engines. According to Dinneen – AAA needs to stop being the puppet of Big Oil and put consumers first. He says the Energy Department and more than 40 studies say more than 60-percent of cars on the road today can safely use E15. In addition – Dinneen says more than 40-million miles have been driven on E15 without a single complaint. If Big Oil and AAA would stop obstructing consumer choice – Dinneen says American drivers could have access to a choice of higher level ethanol blends that are less expensive – yet higher in octane. Dinneen says there is nothing wrong with the Renewable Fuel Standard. In fact – he says it’s the single most effective energy policy the country has. He adds that 2014 obligations can easily be met by refiners via marketing of E15 and E85 as well as reserve RINs.

Dinneen notes the RFS has proven to lower our dependence on foreign oil, lower greenhouse gas emissions and has created and supported over 300-thousand jobs across the country. He says RFA has reached out to AAA to try and meet to review the facts – but AAA continues to reject the offers.

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