Shareholder Resolutions Rejected at Monsanto Meeting

Monsanto logoDuring Monsanto’s annual shareholders meeting Tuesday – two shareholder resolutions were rejected. One sought a report on seed contamination of non-GMO crops – including costs of seed replacement and crop and production losses. It received 6.51-percent of the vote. While critics say organic and non-GMO farmers are dealing with contamination from nearby GMO farms – Monsanto executives say the company has stewardship practices that work to protect the co-existence of non-GMO and GMO crops. The second shareholder resolution called on Monsanto to work with government regulators to set a standard threshold for foods containing GMO ingredients that should be labeled. That only garnered 4.16-percent of the vote.


Chairman Hugh Grant says the company supports voluntary labeling efforts – but said mandatory labeling could confuse and mislead consumers. Grant also acknowledged that the company hasn’t done a good job winning public trust. He said the company recognizes more needs to be done and is changing its approach.

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