Webinar Thursday offers Crop Insurance Update and Q & A Opportunity

crop insurance Q and A

Jim Mintert-CC14As the March 15th deadline for 2014 crop insurance policy modifications and purchases nears, Purdue University’s Center for Commercial Agriculture is offering an important webinar to help explain this year’s changes and answer farmer questions. The online event is Thursday at 2 PM, according to the center’s director Dr. Jim Mintert.

“That webinar will feature Dr. Michael Langemeier looking at the crop insurance choices and how they have changed relative to last year,” Mintert told HAT. “Particularly those revenue guarantees have changed quite a bit because of the change in prices. He’ll be looking at the premiums and help you identify what the best choices might be for your farming operation in 2014.”

Also Dr. Roman Keeney will discuss the newly passed farm bill and the changes it brings to risk management decisions starting in 2015.

“The rules are not set in place yet. USDA has not released those and will be coming out with those later this spring to summer, and final decisions on the program will be made later, but this is an opportunity to learn about some of the broader issues we’re facing. There are some significant changes in that bill and so the crop risk management features we’re facing and alternatives we’re facing will change quite a bit in 2015. So this will be an opportunity to learn a little bit more about that.”

Mintert says time will be set aside at the end of the webinar for participant questions and answers.

“We usually last about an hour. The presentation will range between 30 and 40 minutes and then we reserve the last 20 minutes for questions and discussion. That’s been one of the fun parts of the webinars that discussion format with questions coming in from the field and probing people’s opinions.”

Register online for the event. Mintert will accept email questions at his address during the webinar. If you can’t make the 2 PM live slot for Thursday’s webinar, it is available along with other recent topical webinars for later viewing at the Center for Commercial Agriculture website.

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