Some Late Crops Beginning to Catch Up

Kalb July update

July 2014 corn

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In southwest Indiana 2014 could be shaping up as the tale of two very different seasons, at least for some farmers. In Dubois County Kevin Kalb had a terribly rainy spring but finally the crops are catching up after 3 separate waves of planting.

“Our early April planted corn is coming along pretty good,” he told HAT. “That looks like that’s going to be pretty decent corn. Our mid corn is just now tasseling so we’re definitely needing the rain, and I really don’t know what to say on this late corn yet. It’s pretty early to say but overall the crops in our area don’t look too bad.”

The corn crop wasn’t completely planted until June 3rd and the corn on corn farmer did switch some acres to soybeans and finished with those June 15th. That’s the first time in 7-8 years Kalb has planted beans. Now he says it’s time for some rain, his springtime nemesis.Kevin Kalb

“It’s getting a little dry right around here. I think we’ve had between .3 and .5 since the 4th of July. We sure could use some rain here.”

But some not very distant neighbors have had plenty of recent rain and have great crops to show for it.

“Some of our neighbor counties to the north and a little bit to the west of us are sitting on really beautiful looking crops up there. They’ve caught a few rains and in fact we drove through there last week and the corn looks really good, exceptionally good.”

Kalb also reports a couple of foliar fungal diseases have popped up in the area, gray leaf spot and northern leaf blight.

“But other than that the fungicide that we applied seems to be holding in pretty decent,” he said.

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