New Ad Campaign Highlights Risks of Cutting American Renewable Fuel Production

With “the U.S. government risking American troops to protect Middle East oil interests,” a new series of advertisements on radio, cable and online in the DC market tells the public and decision-makers that “the Renewable Fuel Standard could end our addiction to foreign oil.”

The ad warns that the Obama Administration’s proposal to gut the Renewable Fuel Standard would leave America’s renewable fuel industry—and the thousands of American jobs it supports—at the mercy of the oil industry. Meanwhile, maintaining a strong Renewable Fuel Standard would support American innovation and thousands of American jobs that can’t be outsourced.

The President’s decision on the EPA’s ill-conceived proposal—expected in the coming days—comes as oil-producing regions across the globe are growing increasingly unstable.  As a net importer of oil, every gallon of domestic biofuels the U.S. produces means less foreign oil we must import from hostile foreign regions.

The radio ads will run for one week, and the television ads will run during the Sunday morning talk shows as well as Sunday, Monday and Tuesday programming.

Those ads come alongside a digital campaign that includes a Politico Morning Energy Sponsorship by the Fuels America coalition, which says “Despite the mess in the Middle East, the Obama Administration is calling for a 1.3 billion gallon cut in America’s renewable fuel production—making us even more foreign oil dependent,” and “With turmoil in the Middle East, this isn’t the time to cut back on the clean, domestic alternatives to foreign oil.”

The television ad can be seen here, and the radio ad can be heard here

Source: Fuels America

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