Amidst Frost and Rainfall Indiana Harvest Inches Forward

Nov 24 SoybeansFrosty weather and snow flurries were a mixed blessing for Indiana farmers for the week ending November 23, according to the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Region. Average temperatures ranged from 23 to 34 degrees, and from 17 degrees to 11 degrees below normal. The lowest recorded temperature for the week was 4 degrees; the highest, 65 degrees. The statewide average temperature for the week was 28.2 degrees, 13.1 degrees below normal. Recorded precipitation ranged from 0.11 to 2.00 inches with a statewide average of 0.55 inches.

By region, corn harvested for grain was 91% in the North, 90% in Central, 93% in the South, and 91% statewide. By region, soybeans harvested was 97% in the North, 96% in Central, 94% in the South, and a state completion of 96%. By region, winter wheat emerged was 89% in North, 83% in Central, and 89% in the South.

With the arrival of freezing weather, some fields that had standing water were able to freeze over this week, enabling farmers to get into their fields to harvest. Although snow fell on crops in some parts of the state, strong winds kept many of those fields clear for harvest through the middle of the week. Conditions to harvest didn’t last long, as the weekend heralded a spat of soggy weather that brought most fieldwork back to a halt. Farmers are applying fertilizer as they can, and limited tillage was seen in regions warm and dry enough to accommodate it. Livestock are doing well, though the hard freeze has seen many livestock turned over to hay sooner than expected for the season. Grain hauling has become a complicated matter in some areas where elevators are full or running at reduced hours, but continues as best as farmers can manage.

Source: NASS

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