25×25 Group Notes Military Needs Biofuels for National Security

In a recent blog post written for the 25×25 group, a retired Air Force General cited energy assurance as still a major factor in national security. Retired Air Force General David Hoffman pointed to agriculture taking positive steps to extract energy from traditional waste streams and renewable sources. In the blog, Gen. Hoffman cites his participation in a recent tour, sponsored in part by 25x’25, where he and other experts toured a number of renewable energy projects in rural Indiana – a landfill gas facility, a co-op solar plant and several large-scale biodigesters. Read the blog online at25x25blog dot org. www. https://25x25blog.org/

Hoffman served on the Military Advisory Board for the CAN Corporation, a group of retired general officers and admirals that research issues that impact U.S. national security. Their focus over the past seven years has been on energy and climate change implications to our nation’s long-term national security.

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