Perdue Committing to High Oleic

HAT USB-Gary Cordier

soybean harvestWith the acreage planted to high oleic varieties growing each year, a prominent soybean processor is committing to the success of high oleic varieties by strengthening its ability to market the crop’s high-functioning soybean oil. Perdue Agribusiness, based in Salisbury, Maryland, is constructing new tanks to store high oleic soybean oil.

Such a commitment showcases the confidence soy processors have in the future success of high oleic soybeans, a reason for soybean farmers to be excited.

Gary Cordier, Vice President of soy processing at Perdue Agribusiness, explains why his company made this multi-million dollar investment.

“We don’t look at this as a boutique oil. This is going to be a mainstream core competency for our business as we go through the next three to five years.”

High oleic soybean oil will benefit all farmers by generating demand from new markets and recapturing lost market share. To start growing high oleic, farmers should contact their local seed rep or processor.

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