Seed Company Sees Definitive Shift to Soybeans for 2015

Stuart on acre shift

Stuart YenselUpbeat is how one Commodity Classic vendor described the farmers who were in attendance. A little bit of a mild surge in grain prices recently has a little something to do with that, but also it is nearing time to hit the fields and that has them in a good mood. Stuart Yensel is Director of Sales and Marketing at Seed Consultants.

“I think in the fall it’s easy to look down or be negative or give you every reason why you’re not going to be profitable, but prices have come up in the last month or so and I think guys are more upbeat. They’re ready for the warm up and to get out of this ice and snow, get their planters out, get in the soil and get to work. You know, American farmers are a very resilient bunch and they’re ready to go to work.”

This coming season the SCI numbers show a definitive shift in acres planted to corn and soybeans.

“Guys who have good areas, good soil who can raise 200 bushel corn consistently, they’re going to continue to plant corn. Farmers like to plant corn, they like to seed corn, and they like to walk those corn fields. I think some of the more marginal ground I think it’s easier for a guy to say let’s plant soybeans this year. I would say our sales are up significantly in soybeans. Our corn is also up but definitely a higher percentage in soybeans so it’s definitely going to be a big soybean year.”

Yensel said Commodity Classic is an important event for the company to show support of the corn and soybean industries.

“Commodity Classic is a big part of what we do, part of our marketing, part of our brand, to support our customers and the associations,” he said. “We’re big in the NCGA yield contest. Since 2008 we’ve had 31 state winners and 4 national winners. No other company in the eastern Corn Belt has those kinds of numbers. It’s a big part of what we do and it really allows us to interact with them and allows us to see what’s new coming on in the industry.”

He told HAT the national yield winners represent all of the SCI customer area with multiple winners in Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, and Mississippi.

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