Tom Brady, GMO, and Chipotle

This Wednesday, the NFL released its investigation regarding “Deflategate”. According to ESPN, Tom Brady may have been aware of the game footballs being under-inflated, which contradicts Brady’s denial of any knowledge of under-inflated footballs during the game against the Indianapolis Colts. We thought labeling the football GMO-free might work for Tom Brady to gain back some of his fans’ trust.


Recently Chipotle has announced they will be the first company to cook with no GMO ingredients. According to its website, food with GMO ingredients does not care for animals, farmers, and the environment. According to an article on NPR, Chipotle is making an exception for its soft drinks, which contain genetically modified ingredients.

We have surfed the internet to find some funny memes and articles regarding Chipotle, misinformation, and GMO. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below. Enjoy!






Here is what American Farm Bureau Federation has to say about Chipotle’s announcement:

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