Walmart’s Commitment to Responsible Farming Aligns With Hog Farmers

Last week – Walmart announced its commitment to sustainable and responsible farming – something National Pork Producers Council President Ron Prestage says pork producers do every day. Prestage says pork producers ensure animal health and well-being and a safe, wholesome food supply by responsibly using antibiotics and providing humane and compassionate care for their animals. Prestage says Walmart’s recognition of that proves America’s farmers should be setting food policy. The U.S. pork industry has long-standing training and certification programs that have worked to ensure farmers and veterinarians are responsible. The industry also works with USDA and FDA to best accomplish meaningful reporting of antibiotics use data. Prestage says America’s hog farmers are committed to producing safe, affordable and healthful foods while using industry practices designed with input from animal care experts to provide humane care for their pigs ag every stage of life.

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