Residual Weed Control, New Options for 2016

Residual Weed Control, New Options for 2016

RRPlus_RGBThe Roundup Ready Plus system provides residual weed control in a wide variety of weather conditions. Chris Reat, with Monsanto, says as growers saw in 2015 that you need to have a weed control program that is flexible to adapt to unexpected weather conditions, “You have to be able to roll with the punches. If it is too wet or too dry, you need to alter your application timing and have a post-residual control as well.”

For 2016, Reat says the Roundup Ready Plus system is offering some new tools for Indiana growers, “For Indiana, I would like to see a product like Warrant® Ultra be used. It makes a real nice complement  to a true residual program.” Warrant Ultra Herbicide  is the only premix on the market to formulate microencapsulated acetochlor with fomesafen, and will provide two mechanisms of action (MOA) for residual weed control. Additionally, fomesafen provides an additional postemergence MOA.

Warrant® Ultra has quickly become a favorite among soybean and cotton growers for its outstanding residual weed control, including control of glyphosate-resistant and tough-to-control weeds as well as for its crop safety due to its unique microencapsulated formulation.  With the focus on input costs, Reat says the Roundup Ready Plus system is a good cost-saving option.


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