New Kubota M7 Tractors Expected this Spring

Kubota M7 this spring

Kent Brown-KubotaThe National Farm Machinery Show is less than 2 weeks away and it was one year ago that Kubota debuted their M7-Series tractors at that show. It’s Kubota’s highest horsepower line of tractors and the company is hoping to gain traction with its release this spring, according to Kent Brown.

“We’re really excited about the M7 series of tractors and we should be seeing these tractors sometime in the first quarter. We’ve had a few delays with our factory, but we’re getting up to speed and making sure things are ready for the customer, making sure they’re fully tested and ready to go. We’re excited about the 130-170 horsepower, closed centered hydraulics, first for Kubota, as well as bar axles, a first in an ag tractor for Kubota.”

Kubota M7 at NFMSBrown said the row-crop production market is really a new frontier for the company as farmers are now seeing the bigger Kubota tractors at farm shows.

“We’ve always had excellent feedback as far as the hydraulics and horsepower. The only thing we’ve had negative over the years is some people think of Kubota as a lighter tractor. We’ve always been a smaller tractor, but now with the M7 farmers are looking at it and saying ‘this is a row crop tractor,’ big, beefy rear end, a lot of weight built in to this tractor, the highest load to lift capacity on the M7 in the market. This is not your regular Kubota anymore folks. It’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in the ag market.”

Also new from Kubota are the SSV65 and 75 horsepower skid steer loaders. They’ll feature the largest cab in the market, a door that folds up, and Kubota engines and hydraulics.

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