Soy Checkoff helping Profitability and Sustainability

USB-Walter Godwin

Walter GodwinWith the current prices on crops, farmers are trying to cut costs wherever they can. But what elements of your operation can you cut and adjust, and what parts do you absolutely need to keep?

Walter Godwin, a soybean farmer and soy checkoff farmer-leader from Georgia, says even in times of low prices, it’s important to make sure your soil fertility is in optimum condition. Soil fertility is one area he refuses to cut back on. He uses data gained from soil sampling to make the most of his fertilizer inputs.

“We know what the soil needs and without a soil sampling, it’s just a ballpark guess. Hopefully we can reduce cost by knowing exactly how much we need out there to get the levels where we want to grow the crop next year.”

Every farm is different, and it’s important to evaluate cutbacks, such as labor, equipment and management practices, on an individual basis.

For more information on how to keep profits strong on your farm while still remaining sustainable, visit WWW.UNITEDSOYBEAN.ORG.

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