Livestock Industry Needs High Quality Soy Protien

Livestock Industry Needs High Quality Soy Protien-HAT

chicken-eating-soybean-mealThe population of hogs and chickens in the U.S. is getting larger, and so is their need for high-quality feed. According to soy checkoff-funded research, the number of hogs produced in the U.S. has increased nearly 25 percent since 2003 while broiler production has increased by more than 15 percent. More hogs and chickens mean more opportunities for soybean farmers, but only if they produce high-quality soybean meal.

Poultry and livestock farmers depend on high levels of protein and amino acids to maximize their animals’ potential. Soy checkoff farmer-leader Scott Singlestad from Minnesota explains.

“Having higher protein and amino acid balances in your soybean meal helps with the livestock industry because that’s what is fed to the animals to get the rate of gain. And by keeping a good high-quality meal out there, it makes their job a lot easier.”

One way U.S. soybean farmers can help meet these needs is by asking your seed dealer which varieties produce high-quality meal while still delivering high yield.

For more information on the importance of high-quality soybean meal, visit WWW.UNITEDSOYBEAN.ORG.

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