Indiana Farm Bureau Members Come from All Ag Segments

May Membership Minute

INFB Find Your VoiceThe largest general agriculture organization in Indiana is more than just corn and soybean farmers. In a Membership Minute Chelsea Poe, Membership Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Indiana Farm Bureau says membership is as diverse as the Hoosier state itself.

“We really do work to support all different commodities in Indiana, whether that be vegetable production that could be in the southern part of the state and also some in the northern, members that grow tomatoes for Red Gold, so that’s really neat. We’ve also got members down in the southern part of the state that grow cantaloupe for Meijer.”

INFB also has members who are honey producers along with aquaculture and livestock including “hogs, cattle, chickens and ducks. The largest duck producer is in the state of Indiana,” Poe says. “So we are a very general ag organization that does not focus on one commodity, and we try to provide things for all of our members throughout the state, especially when it comes to education. That can be a small farms type of conference where we talk about things that are just specific to small, specialty type farmers, or if we talk about more big ag, big numbers and corn and soybean. We’ve got a little bit of something for everyone.”

The diversity of farm products leads to a diverse organization capable of serving all aspects of the state’s farm community.

Chelsea Poe“What’s such a great thing about Indiana Farm Bureau being a grassroots organization is that the people who make the decisions are our members. They’re our voting members, people who are involved in agriculture whether they’re big or small. They all have equal votes and that’s how we run. I think that’s what makes us very unique.”

Center stage at the Indy 500 this week are two INFB members, the Indy milk persons, Janet Dague and Joe Kelsay.

“We’re really excited about that,” said Poe. “It just goes to show that our members are involved in much more than Indiana Farm Bureau and more than what’s on the farm. We want to be out there advocating for farmers and advocating for our industry.”

No matter the type of farm or agribusiness, become a member of Indiana Farm Bureau for just $32.50. Visit their website, And hear more from Chelsea on membership:INFB Membership Minute-5-16

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